Georges Sakr

Curriculum Vitae


In Progress

PhD in Linguistics and English Language University of Edinburgh 2019 - 2023 Emphatic Consonants in Central Mount Lebanon Lebanese Acoustic and Articulatory Phonetics, Speech Perception


Master of Science by Research in Linguistics and English Language University of Edinburgh 2018 - 2019 A Laboratory Phonology Investigation Into The Vocalic Inventory of Lebanese Acoustic Phonetics, Phonology

Master of Science in Linguistics University of Edinburgh 2017 - 2018 A Discussion of Issues from French Loans in Lebanese Phonology

Bachelor of Arts in English Language American University of Beirut 2015 - 2017 Affrication of alveolar plosives in French-Educated Lebanese students Sociophonetics

Minor Degree in Computer Science American University of Beirut 2013 - 2015

French Baccalaureate in Sciences (spec. Earth & Life Sciences) Collège Mariste Champville 2012


Linguistics and English Language Postgraduate Conference Chair (2019); Co-chair (2020) The LELPGC is a yearly student-run academic conference in Linguistics and English Language held at the University of Edinburgh. I chaired it in 2019 and co-chaired it in 2020. Designer, Photographer, Web-designer, Organiser (2018) I modernised the conference's application and abstract submission processes by developing an elaborate Web application, all the while single-handedly designing a corporate identity for the conference — including logos, posters, programmes and an advertising campaign. This was used in 2018 and 2019. I also helped the chair review abstracts and organise and run the conference.

AUB Outlook Layout Editor (2016-2107) AUB Outlook is the weekly, student-run, print-and-web newspaper of the American University of Beirut. Its layout editor designs the newspaper and lays out the articles and images meant for each issue within the last 12 hours before it goes to print. This is mostly a weekly test of stress, speed and design.

Champville Model United Nations School Advisor (2012-2017) A Champville Model United Nations school advisor adapts the program to the individual needs of CMUN students between grades 7 and 11, all the while maintaining a database of their strengths and weaknesses and working with them towards achieving goals they each set for themselves. Director of Training (2013-2020) A Champville Model United Nations Director of Training sets the training programs for each level of the program's students, ensures these programs are kept to, and adapts them to best suit the students enrolled in each level, all the while setting the examinations for each level and supervising their respective corrections. Web Designer and Administrator (2012-2020) As the only Champville Model United Nations web developer, I have had to single-handedly design both the public website and internal system which the program relied on while I was School Advisor and Director of Training. This involved adapting two purchased HTML templates into an interactive hub synchronizing work between five user-role-based member areas. More than 450 people have relied on this system to date. Clubs' Trainer (2011-2012) A Champville Model United Nations Clubs' Trainer dispenses teaching material and corrects examinations thereof to various levels of the program's students.

Lebanese Red Cross: Youth Department Web Developer (2015-2016) The central division of the Youth Department of the Lebanese Red Cross had an IT Team for a while, which worked on creating an internal website to manage members' files and organization records. The project was discontinued, but I was part of it from start to finish. Graphic Designer and Photographer (2013-2016) The same division has a PR Team, which works on taking and maintaining photographs as well as desiging posters, and approving ones they receive from local centres, based on whether or not they measure up to the standards expected by the LRC. I took pictures, edited commercials and designed posters as part of this team.


I nurture interests in various areas mostly relating to human culture: languages, religions, the arts, history, and the interaction between peoples. My hobbies include programming, web design, photography, screenwriting, directing short films, and watching series. An important part of my professional interests is in marrying computer science and linguistic research, and there are a few projects I've worked on which are accessible on this website. On a more personal and creative level, I am currently in the process of writing a novel and developing a universe in which to set upcoming stories, not unlike that of one of my inspirations - JRR Tolkien - but I think of these stories as something rather personal, and am more likely to publish what I come up with for my universe than these stories themselves. The main interest I have in creating said universe is the research work that goes into building such a thing - because it forces me to study some basic geology, chemistry, physics, biology, and of course because it gives me more incentive (as if any of that was needed) to read up on history, linguistics, religion, and early human cultures.